Introduction WizRad

WizRad™ is a cloud based, N3, IGSOC compliant, operational business intelligence tool which provides actionable information to radiologists, radiology managers and other stakeholders of the radiology department. WizRad™ has been created after extensive clinical engagement and analysis to understand the needs of any Radiology department. The purpose of this tool is to collate data in relation to the ‘Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the radiology department and to create a Dashboard to visualize this data for an effective Decision making process.

Based on departmental Human Resources, Infrastructure and Machines (modalities) WizRad provides the available capacity of the department. It receives information from other systems to get a holistic view of the real time demand in the radiology department. The real time Rota management system simplifies the complex rota of multilayer resources and helps in providing the real time capacity on a daily basis. WizRad’s Dashboard and Analytics provide the real time variance in demand –capacity and quality of the service.

The objective of WizRad™ is to bring together disconnected business processes and systems and provide business intelligence to the managers and various other stake holders to assist in efficient functioning of the department. The integrated approach of WizRad provides valuable predictive analysis to help run the department efficiently and facilitates the continuous process of improvement.

The objective of WizRad™ allows NHS radiology departments to achieve the twin aims of improved quality and efficiency. By leveraging the power of data and information wizRad incorporates of six sigma and lean management into deparmental management