Advantages WizRad

Radiology Department has few operational systems, the most important of which are the RIS (Radiology information system), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication system), and Ordercomms (Request ordering system).

Some of the data related to KPI’s exists on these systems, however a large amount of Quality Related Data, either does not exist or exists only as paper collection. We are hoping to create various modules to collate this data (the operational component of the WizRad).The data related KPI’s on existing systems will also need to be grounded for eventual analysis and depiction on a Dashboard.

Job Planning Module
Online Job Plans for Radiologist, Trainees, Radiographers, sonographers , Nurses and HCA.
Objective setting and tracking of objectives.
Tracks Changes to Job plans.
Workload Construction.
Construction of workload of sessions created in Job plans, using customisable parameters.
Construction of workload for Scanning Rooms.
Construction of locum sessions and their workloads.
One touch creation of automated Rosters based on complex business rules.
Sophisticated leave management system.
EWTD tracker for roster compliance.
Time tracking for radiographers for enhancement payments.
Ability to create multiple rosters.
Business rule manager to incorporate complex business rules, with plain language input.
Workload Load Allocator
Automated Modified workloads based on Roster conditions and Display for supervisors.
Real-time display of workload allocation to Radiologist and Radiographers.
Business rule manager for Workload modification.
Work Diaries
Ability to input diary evidence for sessions, including meetings and SPA sessions.
Automated diary evidence by mining data from RIS.
Demand analyser.
Demand- Capacity-backlog-activity-waiting times mapping.
Efficiency analyser.
Work-force planning.
Real time display of Quality metrics.
Ability to drill down data.
Ability to incorporate thresholds for key performance indicators.
Leave Management System
Can work in days, hours, and PA’s.
Leave relate business rules and alerts.
Incorporates with Roster to automate roster.
Calculates staff leave entitlements.
Incorporates ‘Time off in lieu’ and compensatory rest.